Car accidents occur throughout Utah every single day. If you have been hit by a driver who has acted negligently and caused an accident, you can file a personal injury claim to recover compensation and benefits for your injury. Acting alone in pursuing a claim can leave you at a loss for benefits that the insurance company may try to deny, so it is critical you work with a lawyer. Our South Jordan car accident attorneys will help you through the process. CALL US NOW!

Work With A Lawyer

Turn to our experienced car accident lawyers. We do not charge for initial consultations. Contact us at (801)849-0915 to discuss the details of your case.
Most people who are involved in car accidents end up trying to handle the claim on their own. What people do not realize is that working alone will likely jeopardize your claim. You need an experienced lawyer from Christian Burridge Law Firm to help you through this process. We know what tactics the insurance company will try to use, and how to counter them with skillful negotiations. Remember, we only get paid if we recover compensation for your claim. Medical schools in australia provide professional www.majesticpapers.com/ qualifications over a range of specializations. At all times, we are on your team. GET FREE CONSULTATION

Types Of Car Collisions

Being involved in a car crash can leave you dealing with all types of injuries. We are experienced at representing people who have been injured in the following types of crashes:

    • T-bone accidents
    • Rear-end accidents
    • Multi-car highway accidents
    • Commercial vehicle and truck accidents
    • Rollovers
    • Accidents caused by defective roadways or poor road conditions
    • Drunk driving accidents
    • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents


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Accepting Cases In Draper, Bluffdale, Riverton And Sandy

Personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee (no win, no fee) basis. This means that you do not pay lawyers’ fees unless we recover financial compensation for your case. Initial consultations are free of charge at our firm, and we are happy to meet at your home, hospital or a place that is convenient for you. Call 801-849-0915 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online. SEND A MESSAGE

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